Crook County Natural Resource District – Dec. 12

CALL REGULAR MEETING TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m. by Chairman, Wayne Garman at the Sundance USDA Service Center in Sundance.
ATTENDANCE – Board: Ted Parsons, Wayne Garman, Lily Altaffer. Employees: Sarah Anderson, Raesha Sell and Carmen McIntyre (Conference Video). Guests: Traci Hansen- Ketel Thorstenson, CPA, Keela Deaton-NRCS District Conservationist and Patricia Weyrich, Quality Services, Inc.
GUEST SPEAKERS – Traci Hansen discussed the Financial Review for FY 2017 and offered to have a Quick Books Pro contact our office to assist CCNRD in posting the journal entries. Ms. Altaffer made a motion to approve the financial review as presented. Mr. Parsons seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Patricia Weyrich with Quality Services, Inc. identified the expertise that Quality Services, Inc. has to offer and expressed her desire to listen to the discussion regarding the Request for Bids to conduct stand exams. Ms. Weyrich also shared that she is a technical certified planner in Wyoming.
Keela informed the board that there are 79 applications on file (16 Soil Health apps, 45 Grazing apps and 18 Forestry applications). The projects will be ranked by February 16th. NRCS awarded the CCNRD $1,000 to conduct a soil health workshop in January. Keela presented seven Conservation Plans and a CRP renewal plan for the Board to approve. The Board signed all in approval.
MINUTES – Ms. Altaffer made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Mr. Parsons seconded the motion. Motion carried.
FINANCIALS – Ms. Altaffer made a motion to pay the bills and review the financial voucher and the corresponding checks from November, 2017. Motion carried. The checks were approved as wrote were cross referenced with the financial voucher.
Water Quality Update: by Carmen and Raesha –
The Board signed Ivan Cranston’s 319 payment application in approval of the completed project.
The Campbell and Crook Joint WQ Meeting will be scheduled based on doodle poll answers.
The Board discussed the Small Water program changes and emphasized the need to attend the WACD Winter Training to learn more about how the Small Water Program has changed. The Board agreed to not sponsor a small water project until we learn more about the program changes. The Non Point Task Force Meeting results were discussed. Mr. Garman gave a summary of the Non Point Task Force Meeting and expressed that the CCNRD had a strong application and presentation. He said that there were numerous applicants and the Non Point Task Force had minimal funding; thus, forcing the task force to cut everyone’s budget in half.
Forestry Update: by Sarah – Ms. Anderson gave a report from the Conservation Leader’s meeting from last Friday and informed the Board of the development of the Black Hills Resilient Forest Strategy to guide agencies in establishing a more resilient forest following the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic.
The Board reviewed the sealed bids to conduct stand exams. Ms. Altaffer made a motion to accept the bid proposal for $17.50 submitted by Joseph Larson as an independent contractor to conduct stand exams. Mr. Parsons seconded the motion. Motion carried.
The Bark Beetle Mitigation grant contract was approved and we should be expecting the $220,000 in the bank soon.
Sarah shared the letter regarding the Hazardous fuels reduction program to receive additional landowner interest. The Board approved the letter with minor edits to be sent to landowners.
Sarah shared the Cooperating Agreement that is being passed back and forth between the CCNRD and the USFS.
The Board discussed if they wanted to keep the WACD’s tree planter that was recently offered to them. The Board decided to keep the tree planter and inform WACD.
Ms. Altaffer made a motion to approve the annual plan of work and the annual report as presented. Mr. Parsons seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Ms. Altaffer shared her dash board calendar design to be produced and sent to Crook County residents in support of the CCNRD.
January 3, 2017 Soil Health Workshop Sundance High School Auditorium
January Joint WQ Meeting with CCNRD and CCCD
February 28-March 1 Supervisor Certification Training
The next meeting has been scheduled for January 11, 2017 (second Thursday of month) due to conflicts on the traditional date.
LEAVE: The Board approved the leave for Raesha: December 15, 18 and 19 (Friday, Monday and Tuesday) and Sarah (December 26-29).
Mr. Parsons asked Carmen what the Boards involvement should be regarding Strata’s proposal to using in-situ low pH mining. Carmen encouraged the Board to stay involved. Strata is looking at use a low pH solution to increase uranium extraction. The Board affirmed there need to continue to be involved in conversation to discuss potential natural resource concerns and be a voice for the people.
Ms. Anderson informed the Board that the OneOak Pipeline should be on our radar because there has been reports that the pipeline will be coming through again.
ADJOURN – The next meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2017 at 12 p.m. Mr. Parsons made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded. Mr. Chairman adjourned at the meeting at 3:12 p.m.
Submitted by Raesha Sell