Crook County Medical Services District Board – Aug. 28



(NOTE: These minutes were submitted to The Sundance Times on October 21)








August 28, 2014


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Sandy Neiman, President; Trustee; Judy Bettmann, Treasurer; Judy Hutchinson, Trustee; Connie Lindmier, Secretary – by phone Absent – Bruce Brown, Trustee.


ADMINISTRATION/STAFF PRESENT: Ken Archer, Interim CEO; Kyle Richards, Rapid City Regional; Steve Francis, Accounting Manager, Laura Moller, HIM, Medical Records; Julie Fenton – HR part-time?.




CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Sandy Neiman called the meeting to order at 2:36 p.m.






Judy Hutchinson moved and Judy Bettmann seconded to adopt the Agenda. Motion carried.




APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Corrections – County Health, Cheryl Hageman is to do the presentation.

Other corrections?


Judy Bettmann moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Judy Hutchinson seconded the motion. Motion carried.


FINANCIAL REPORTS – March, April, May, June 2014. FY 2014 yearend.


Bear Lodge Financials – The Bear Lodge financial report was reviewed.


Steve was unable to prepare the draft for the year end. He will prepare the report next week. Ken has been on him pretty hard. The Budget is not in the new system like it is supposed to be. Discussion followed concerning discrepancies in the new Razor system. The Razor CEO promised to resolve the issues.

Discussion followed concerning working on payroll in-house or sending it back out to Ketel-Thorstensen. The discussion was tabled until executive meeting for personnel.


Financials were tabled until a working meeting next week to go over financials.


District Balance Sheet – None

Patient Statistics – None

District Income Sheet –  None


Collections/Uncompensated Care/Bankruptcy/Admin Adjustments – tabled until working meeting next week. No action taken until working meeting.

BAD DEBT WRITE OFF: $__________________________ for collections requested;

UNCOMPENSATED CARE: $______________________;

BANKRUPTCY: ____________________;

ADMINISTRATIVE ADJUSTMENTS: _________________________.


Financials tabled until next week working meeting to work thru financial issues.


BOARD TREASURER’S REPORT – Trustees Bank Account Status – Judy Bettmann


Balance as of August 28, 2014 is $ 383,998.00               previous balance $381,633.53

Deposits – Mill levy =              $         2,284.19

Interest                                       $              70.28

Interest                                                   $   200,000.00   to Hospital for expenses




Connie Lindmier moved to ratify the Trustee account. Judy Hutchinson seconded. Motion carried.



Further discussion on financials.

TV Donations: Audrey had received two more checks. $500.00. There is a $495.00 carry over. Total cost to Radio Shack is $977.98. Judy Bettmann moved to pay Radio Shack $977.98 for the TVs. Judy Hutchinson seconded the motion. Motion carried. Audrey will send the Thank You notes t CC Hospital and Sundance Bank.

The money goes into the Trustee account to be sure the donations get to the correct accounts. It gives an accounting of all monies received and paid out. Judy Hutchinson agreed to work with Arley _____ on donations and fundraising.

PR – Sandy noted that we have received five lambs and two hogs donated. Rapid City Regional paid for processing of one hog, CCMSD paid processing for one hog.


Accounts Payable Ratification: Table until financial meeting next week.


Payroll Ratification


Judy Bettmann moved to approve $327,449.06 payroll as presented. Judy Hutchinson seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Steve noted that on the website, as of July 15th, patients can go online to pay accounts. There has been some good activity. The credit card set up in Hulett is working. It has gotten good use.


A request to entertain a motion to hold the money for August payment to Razor until the issues is resolved. Discussion followed. No action was taken.


Ken & Steve discussed “where do we stand” with bills and Medicare. At the end of July we paid back Medicare $31,….. If we paid Medicare $418,000.00 we still owe $49,000.00. Steve stated they will ask for another transfer from trustee account for bills. We could pay $330,000.00 & be square with Medicare.

Judy Bettmann moved to move $150,000.00 for bills. Judy Hutchinson abstained. Connie stated concern with transferring money when we have not seen financials for four months. Discussion followed. Judy Bettmann rescinded the motion, and recommended that we wait until after action and clarification from Casey Peterson. If accounts are OK we will then approve the transfer of funds. The transfer of the $ amount will show what the money is going for.


Accounts Receivable. We are 103 days out as of the end of July.


Work Session: Friday August 5, 2:00 P.M. a work session meeting for financials will be set up. Decisions on the financials and transfer of money will take place then.

Connie moved to transfer $34,400.00 for payroll tax from the Trustee Account. Judy Bettmann seconded the motion. (Payroll tax is due before September 5th – delay would put us into non-compliance with IRS). Judy Hutchinson abstained. Motion carried.


COMPLIANCE REPORTS: The following reports were submitted.

Medical Staff – Dr. Ben Willis will work as locum. Board must approve this. The minutes show that mid levels will have privileges allowed for critical access facilities. The bylaws were changed to add this in.

Judy Bettmann moved to return the privileges to mid-levels to have access for admission for hospitals. (As approved in the Medical Staff minutes). Judy Hutchinson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Residence Council.

QAFI: Laura is now in charge of QAFI – No report.



To save time, Ken Archer reviewed the agenda and his CEO Report at the same time.


Radiology Remodel Update: Ken discussed the contract and ability to cancel the current contract and get the items at a much better price. Discussion followed. Legal team is sending a letter.


Digitizing X-Ray machines at Hospital and Clinics. A rebid is taking place.


Scheduling future board meetings. September 25 changed to September 30th due to State Board meeting.


Hulett Town Hall Meeting: Reschedule to August.


Joint meeting with Newcastle and Lusk. A meeting will be held after November, at the end of the year.


Roof: No issues. Repaired.


Windows: Discussion on window bids by contractors by Ken. We may be able to add heating and cooling system instead of awnings if we get a much better bid. Sills would be metal. This would replace the need to re-point brick, bringing additional savings. See handout from Ken.


Policies: Ken will bring all policies in September for review by the board.


Cost Report Settlement Fund – Medicare: Discussion to vote or make $332,000.00 payment from the account. Steve requested we leave $5,000.00 in the account as a minimum balance. They will find out the minimum amount and the board will make the motion on Friday, September 5th.


Audit: Auditors are at the hospital this week. They will return in October and come to the November or December meeting to give the report.




Charge Master Review: Wait until November or December. Cost is $15,000.00


Cardiac Monitoring system: It is state-of-the-art.


Fundraising for future and donations: The board needs to be aware of what fundraising is being done, and not have conflicting fundraising going on. Arley has done a great job, and would be great to help coordinate fundraising and donations. Judy Hutchinson agreed to work with Arley on this.


CEO Recruitment:


Recruitment of Providers: The board would like to meet the doctors. (and interview??) Several people have expressed interest.


Administrators /CEO Report: Ken Archer gave the administrator’s report while reviewing old and new business updates. Ken explained the Employee relations committee to the board.

Home Health – this is their last week. As discussed last month, Home Health is no longer proved by CCMSD. Referrals to other providers are being done.

A Relocation packet is being set up – Ken is working with the Chamber of Commerce on this.

Website – it is on track for October. A Rough draft will be available in September.

Food Service – Premier pricing will save a major amount on food costs.

Personal needs account. Connie moved to add Audrey Finn as a second signature to the Personal needs account. Judy Bettmann seconded. Motion carried.

Silent auction – Ken and staff, & board Judy Hutchinson) with work with Arley on it.


Open House: Not discussed



At 4:51 Judy Bettmann moved to Adjourn and go into executive session. Connie seconded the motion. Motion carried.


At 4:56 the Board went into executive session.

At 6:20 the Board went out of executive session.


Back into open session at 6:21 p.m.


Judy Bettmann moved to meet with the lawyers, see if they will meet us – so we can “put a name with a face”. Connie seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Judy Bettmann moved to have Ken make contact with the attorneys for CT and get prices. Judy Hutchinson seconded. Motion carried.


The board discussed financials. A Working Meeting to discuss Financials and make financial decisions after reports are updated is set for September 5, 2014, Friday. 2:00 p.m.


Judy Hutchinson moved to adjourn, Judy Bettmann seconded the motion. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 6:24 p.m.


NEXT MEETING: September 30, Tuesday, 2014 at 2:30 p.m. (Wyoming Hospital Association meeting is 24, 25 September).


Special Board Budget Meeting September 5, Wednesday, 2:00 p.m. – to review financials.


Hulett Town Hall: September 17, Wednesday. 6:00 p.m. – Hulett Community Center.


Respectfully submitted and approved:





_____________________________                                      ________________________

            Connie Lindmier                                                                   Laura Moller

            Board Secretary                                                                   HIM­­­espectfully submitted and approved:

Judy seconded. Motion carried.ssed in executive session.

y machine – $5,000.00 donation.