Crook County Homemakers Council – Dec. 7

The Crook County Homemakers Council met on December 7, 2015 in the Crook County Court House Community Room. President Barbara Byrne called the meeting to order at 10:35 a.m. The Flag Pledge was recited by those present. Club members in attendance were: Aladdin Homemakers – four, Give and Gain Homemakers – three and Inyan Kara Homemakers – four members present.

Secretary Peggy Symonds read the minutes from the September 2015 meeting. Pam moved to approve the minutes as read. Ruta seconded the motion. Motion carried. Treasurer Susan Rice gave the treasurer’s report. She reported that all clubs had paid their dues, Pennies for Peace (Peace Gardens) and Nickels for Leadership (spring 4-H Scholarship). Give and Gain donated the money for the meat back to the council. Pam moved to approve the report, Pat seconded the motion, motion carried. Treasurer report attached to minutes. Barbara called for volunteers to serve on the audit committee. Susan explained what the duties of the audit committee were. Pat and Ruta volunteered to be the committee. A Thank You note from Valery Burch was read. The card was given to Vivian, the historian.

As old business, Barbara asked about service awards for members who had belonged to Homemakers for an extended period of time. Ruta explained that the awards were given in 5 year increments and that she had the program on her computer and offered to make the certificates. Ruta moved that the certificates be tabled until the April meeting. Susan seconded motion, motion carried.

Club reports were called for on activities the club had completed since the September meeting. Pam reported for the Aladdin Homemakers. The club sets up an annual calendar at the January meeting. Jan. is the planning meeting; Feb. Hosted lunch at Patty’s Place in Belle; March program on dryer safety with Gary Gill, Fire Marshall and Sheriff Jeff Hodge talked to the group about scams; April helped with the Blood Draw for the Health Fair; May residents of the Honor Farm helped with the Aladdin Park; June the club put out American Flags around the community; July, Community Picnic. The club sent out many Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well and Sympathy cards.

The Give and Gain Club took gift boxes to the nursing home for the holidays. The boxes included such items as white socks, lotion, Chap Stick, gift bags and hair brushes.

The Inyan Kara Club report was given by Victoria. The club members brought pictures of their families to the meeting and introduced family members to club members through the pictures and stories. Karoke was done at the Long Term Care, barn quilts were made at Barbara’s and Barbara arranged a tour to Whitewood SD to view the barn quilts that are displayed around town. The group had lunch at the Senior Center in Whitewood with the barn quilt committee.

The group talked about meetings past and present. generalization things. We also talked about self defense for women, gun safety and gun laws. Most of the members in attendance have gun permits and do carry a gun. New Business was the discussion of the April 2016 meeting. Peggy will contact Roger Wolfskill about the Antique Show they used to do in Sundance. If we could find an evaluator, members could bring items antique item that they could like to have identified or appraised. Ruta suggested that Mitch Mahoney from the Hulett Museum may be interested in bringing in items. The meeting will be held the first Saturday in April. The committee will be Barbara from Incan Kara, Carol for Aladdin and Pat for Give and Gain. The club representatives will meet in January to make plans for the Spring Meeting which will be on April 2, 2016. Pam said the Old Stoney Committee will do breakfast during the Winter Festival on February 20 and 21st. President Barbara held the installation of officers, Susan Rice as treasure and Peggy Symonds as secretary. Pat moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:45. Pam seconded motion, motion carried. A pot luck lunch was enjoyed by all those attending and Inyan Kara did the program. Barbara had done so much research on Crook County Homemakers who had earned the Quealy Award over the years. Family members of the honorees were invited. Minnie Williams, Una Seely, Criss Crosier were present to honor Mrs. Emory George who won the award in 1960.

Carol Stong honored her mother Mrs. Neda Zimmerschied who was the Quealy Award winner in 1977. Margaret Shoemaker’s mother, Mrs. Frank Pearson was the winner in 1966. Other Crook County winners of the Quealy Award were Ms. George Grenier in 1948, Mrs. Olga Nickelson in 1954, Mrs. Leland Landers in 1971, Vera Sommers in 1983, Elva Crago in 1989, Thelma Glover in 1995 and Ruby Hutchinson 2004. After the presentation, the Inyan Kara Homemakers served cake and ice cream to the group. The next meeting of the Crook County Homemakers Council will be April 2, 2016.

Submitted by Peggy Symonds