Crook County High School Rodeo

Jhett Hadley and Trace Steele

High school rodeo competitors returned to the eastern side of the sate this past weekend in Newcastle. Callie Robinson and Lynden Nelson had a great showing by placing in multiple events both days. Coming up next weekend is the Gillette High School Rodeo. Action starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 11 at Morningside Park at the Cam-Plex Multi Event Center.


Newcastle Results

Pole Bending (Saturday): 5. Callie Robinson – 21.478

Tie Down (Saturday): 4. Lynden Nelson – 11.830

Barrel Racing (Sunday): 8. Callie Robinson – 18.028, 10. Jacy Grieves – 18.123

Breakaway Roping (Sunday): 2. Callie Robinson – 2.890

Steer Wrestling (Sunday): 9. Lynden Nelson – 13.870

Team Roping (Sunday): 7. Trace Steele and Jhett Hadley – 8.690, 9. Callie Robinson and Lynden Nelson – 9.530



Breakaway Roping: 3. Callie Robinson, 22. Baillie Matthews, 26. Peggy Sue Garman

Tie Down Roping: 14. Lynden Nelson

Steer Wrestling: 12. Lynden Nelson

Goat Tying: 23. Baillie Matthews

Barrel Racing: 6. Callie Robinson, 12. Jacy Grieves, 27. Baillie Matthews

Pole Bending: 15. Jacy Grieves

Team Roping: 2. Trace Steele and Jhett Hadley, 14. Callie Robinson and Lynden Nelson