Crook County Fair Board – June 4

Crook County Fair Board
PO Box 473
Sundance, WY 82729
Board Meeting – June 4, 2018
Secretary Judy McCullough called the regular board meeting of the Crook County Fair Board to order at 5:35 pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
Board members present: Judy McCullough, Ted Rosencranz, Lonny Bossman, Peggy Boardman
Board members absent: Bob Burke
Employee present: Carolyn Fowler Employee absent: Dave Ellsbury
Guests: Naomi Anderson, Rod Malo
Visitors: Terri Johnson, Sara Fleenor, Stevie Phillips, Joe Baron
Ted moved to approve the agenda as amended, Lonny seconded, all ayes, motion carried.
Guests: Naomi Anderson-Her pig passed away. Ted moved to allow Naomi buy a new pig for fair, Lonny seconded, all ayes, motion carried.
Rod Malo came with questions from the Rod & Gun Club about the acoustics. Types and pricing were discussed. He will report back to the club.
Peggy arrived at 5:42 pm and led the meeting.
Stevie discussed poles needed for the WJRA event. The Horse Committee would like to have barrel races in the summer to raise money. The Committee would like to have a collection box at the stalls for anyone using them throughout the year. The fees are donation only. Ted moved to have the Horse Committee try the honor system with the horse stalls. They will regulate it for fair and during the summer. Lonny seconded, all ayes, motion carried.
Stevie asked about eliminating the January 1 birthdate for the market goats starting with the 2019 fair. The fair board agreed.
Terri gave the Livestock Committee report. They will be having a meeting on Tuesday, June 5, at the Devil’s Tower Gulch at 6 pm.
Lonny gave a report from the CCHA about the Youth Rough Stock Rodeo. They do not have the manpower. The Moorcroft Rodeo Club is willing to take over organizing for a buckle donation. Lonny moved to use the Moorcroft Rodeo club to take over the rough stock rodeo in exchange for a buckle donation, Judy seconded, all ayes, motion carried.
Judy moved to approve the minutes from the May 7, 2018 meeting, Ted seconded, all ayes, motion carried.
Ted gave the Treasurer’s Report.
$ 16,717.77 May Income
$ 10,219.60 May Expense
$ 6,498.17 Net Income
$ 104,708.40 May Balance
Carolyn gave the Secretary Report.
Old Business: Carolyn updated the Tentative budget with current expenses. A letter needs to be written to the commissioners about re-evaluating the employee wages to make them more competitive.
Resann Pixley called to find out if there will be someone available to clean the bathrooms and showers during the WJRA Rodeo, and if a discount in the rental amount can be given since they will be working the arena themselves.
New Business:
Lonny moved to pay bills including the invoices just received, Judy seconded, all ayes, motion carried.
Ted moved to adjourn at 8:00 pm, Judy seconded, all ayes, motion carried.
The next meeting is scheduled for July 9, 2018 at 5:30 pm.
Judy McCullough, Secretary