Crook County Education Association hosting school board forums

The first forum will be in Moorcroft on Wed., Oct. 17, at the high school auditorium. The forum will begin at 7 p.m. and wrap-up by 8:30. The Moorcroft forum will be moderated by Mark Semlek.

The second forum will be in Sundance on Wed., Oct. 24th, at the high school auditorium. The forum will begin at the same time. The Sundance forum is tentatively scheduled to be hosted by Mark Stenson (Smokey Mark). Additionally, several Sundance High School Student Council members will offer baby-sitting for children during the forum in the high school library.

The forum format as is as follows: five minutes for each candidate to tell the voters who they are and why they are running for the position. Voters can ask questions by writing them down on 3×5 cards. Someone will collect the questions and the moderator will field them and ask the questions. The purpose of the forums is to let voters learn more about the candidates so they can make more informed decisions.

For more information contact Ted Parson, CCEA President. The Crook County School District staff members, who belong to the Crook County Education Association, invite the voters to learn more about the nine candidates running for the school board election on Nov. 6th. Here is a list of the candidates running for school board positions: Peggy K. Howard, Josie D. Pearson, Robert L. Beaudoin, Bob Latham, Keith Haiar, and (Incumbent) Tracy Jones are running for the two Sundance seats; Otto Schlosser and (Incumbent) Dena Mills are running for the Hulett seat; (Incumbent-appointed) Thayne Gray is running for the Moorcroft seat.