Crook County CattleWomen – Jan. 26

Jan. 26,2016 meeting of Crook County Cattlewomen met at Devil’s Tower Golf course with 14 members.

Committee Reports: Ag Expo coming up in the spring with Mary Heinert Chairman, Crook pot classes with gifts of 3 donated crockpots from Barbara Clark and recipe books headed up by Roxie Dacar. Gift packs of Brand Napkins, Brand Notecards presented in Colored Handkerchiefs  at  KOA, Villa’s Pharmacy, WBar, Trading Post for sale.

WCW have an Associate Membership drive in March and April. Roxie Dacar and Criss Crozier to design a brochure to be presented with information how the Associate Dues are used. Minnie Williams presented the idea of a CCCW Website as well as our CCCW Facebook page.

Feb. 23, 2016 meeting will be held at Ponderosa Café in Hulett, WY. Anyone is invited to attend.

Submitted by Janet Jensen