Croell Redi-Mix headquarters first phase of new industrial park

By Sarah Pridgeon

A new regional headquarters for Croell Redi-Mix enters construction this month, marking the first stage in a project that will create an industrial park on the outskirts of Sundance. While the 21-acre facility is expected to provide jobs and tax revenue for the community, the surrounding land will also be sold as commercial lots to attract other businesses to the industrial section of town.
“I’m putting the headquarters in Sundance because I live here and my two sons live here,” says Roger Croell.
“We have other facilities too, but this will be the regional headquarters for Croell Redi-Mix. And this is just the first building in the industrial area.”
The headquarters itself will be funded entirely by the company and cover its operations in Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska, he says. It will include a two-story office building; an 8400 square foot warehouse; a six-bay, 9400 square foot maintenance area; and a large yard space for storage – all the necessary facilities in one place.
“All our construction equipment will be brought there every winter to be worked on, and some will be worked on in summer, too,” says Croell.
“Our warehouse will be storage for the parts we use with a dock to unload semis. We’re planning on putting a large paint room in there.”
As well as providing tax revenue for the city, Croell anticipates that the $2-3 million headquarters will create a number of new jobs within the community. Mechanic and office roles are among the potential opportunities once the building is up and running.
“I’m looking to employ 15 to 20 people,” he says.
The project’s infrastructure includes water, sewer and two concrete access roads. It has been funded through a $1.5 million grant from the Wyoming Business Council with a 10 percent match from Croell Redi-Mix, partly through materials.
“This will be a good asset to the community – that’s why the state gave us the grant,” says Croell. “There’s no reason Sundance shouldn’t grow, it’s a great location with good highway access.”
The contract for infrastructure will be let on August 21 and work will begin shortly thereafter, says Croell. Construction will start with the access road from Hwy 585 to the front yard of the headquarters, while a second concrete access road will be built next to the facility to run past the cemetery.
“We’re running two months late on the roads but we will be done by freeze-up and construction [of the headquarters] will be done by spring,” says Croell.
Through the grant, infrastructure will already be in place for around 20 commercial lots. Each will each have sewer and water and will be located along either side of a road running parallel to Hwy 585, which will be constructed next year during phase two.
“We’re setting the lots up for 300 foot wide but we can accommodate any size. We can extend them longer or make them shorter, whatever the demand is,” says Croell.
“It’s going to be a facility that Sundance will be proud of, I hope.”