Croell building, water, budget help fill council agenda

By Sarah Pridgeon

Mayor Paul Brooks took the opportunity to apologize for his recent “bad leadership” at this month’s regular meeting of the Sundance City Council. He noted that several people have pointed out he has “dropped the ball” recently and apologized to anyone affected or hurt by it.

“I’m in a rush and I look at life as a game that I have to win,” he said. “I will try to do better.”

The council discussed an agreement with landowners near the under-construction Croell Redi-Mix headquarters. The access road owned by the landowners will be deeded over to the city and probably dedicated as a public road.

In exchange, the landowners will be granted reassurance that the city will continue to provide water to their property. The agreement has been sent out, said City Attorney Mark Hughes, but no response has yet been received.

Mandy Marr, represented by Crazy Woman Realty, approached the council to request a waiver of setbacks on her property and a variance for a garage. The former is necessary because the setbacks cut into the building as it currently stands and this is preventing Marr from selling the property; the latter would make it more desirable for sale.

Council Member April Gill expressed support for the request because the house has stood since 1910, before the setbacks were imposed. Council Member Hugh Palmer and Mayor Brooks were concerned about setting a precedent, however, as there are several similar properties around the city.

The council passed motions to grant the variance for the garage and to waive the setbacks on the property.

Alan and Bonnie Pagryzinski visited the council to enquire about a reduction in water and sewage fees. New arrivals to the city, they have purchased land in the Sundance View Estates that borders city limits.

Water availability, however, costs significantly more for county residents. As they are required to utilize all city services, the couple wondered if the council would consider waiving the extra fee if it had done so for other residents in the past.

Mayor Brooks explained that the fee structure is required by Water Development to secure funding for city projects. Alan asked if the waiver had ever been granted before and, hearing that it had not, stated that he would not in that case expect it to be granted for him and withdrew his request.

Hughes also addressed the council’s response to a request made at the previous meeting to review a property on E. Sewell Street. The council had decided to look at the property to evaluate whether it was a nuisance.

A letter was received in the interim to say that the property is not abandoned and is used on weekends. The council passed a motion to declare it a nuisance and write a letter to the owners.

Karla Greaser of Trihydro and Public Works Director provided updates on city projects, announcing that the Well 6 Chlorinator Building is close to wrapped up. The city is waiting for electrical components on back order and will then need to hook in the chlorinator gas tanks to complete the project.

The Cole Water Storage Tank having been removed from the failing hillside, Trihydro is now working on specifications for the new site. The city will shortly apply for a permit from the Department of Environmental Quality.

The city engineers are also wrapping up the draft report for the Level 1 Water Study in time for the June 15 deadline, said Greaser. The report will be submitted to Water Development and the city for comment and a public hearing will then be scheduled to incorporate comments from the community.

The council confirmed that rates for the swimming pool will remain the same this year. Although Gill questioned whether swimming lessons could be delayed so as to not clash with other summer activities, Lenz explained that the lifeguards return to college near the end of the season, which would make this impossible.

Permission was granted for the Dime Horseshoe bar to host a band on 3rd Street between Main and Cleveland Streets for the Class of ’03 Reunion and to Tom Bankenbush to close Main Street for Independence Day fireworks. A malt beverage license was also granted to the National MS Society for their annual bike ride and to Jim Bowman for the street rally on June 29.

The city budget received its third and final reading and was passed for fiscal year 2013.