County woman pleads not guilty to aggravated homicide

Suspect’s father charged with accessory after the fact

By Sarah Pridgeon

Lesley Raber pled not guilty on Wednesday to felony charges of aggravated homicide by vehicle following an incident in August in which she allegedly pulled out onto U.S. 212 near milepost 19 and collided with a trike motorcycle, causing the death of its rider, Nancy Robinson of Bloomfield, Indiana.

According to court reports, Raber claimed she had been with her family at the “2U” area, shooting prairie dogs, when she had left to retrieve her cellphone from her home. She stated in an interview that she had believed the group of motorcycles was planning to turn at the intersection.

Eye witness statements allegedly suggested that Raber had turned into the oncoming lane of travel as though she had not observed the oncoming motorcycle. A portable breathalyzer test administered at the scene allegedly returned a result of 0.27 blood alcohol, which the Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper who responded to the incident stated was almost three times the legal limit.

A hearing for a motion to suppress evidence has been set for 1:30 p.m. on December 19. At the present time, it is expected that a pre-trial hearing date for Raber will also be scheduled.
Raber’s father, Lloyd Raber, also pled not guilty last week on a misdemeanor charge of accessory after the fact. Attorney Mark Hughes entered an initial appearance, not guilty plea and waiver of advisement of constitutional rights on October 25; the defendant was not legally required to be present.
Lloyd Raber is alleged to have given his daughter large amounts of liquid to drink in order to disguise her consumption of alcohol.
According to court reports, an eye witness had been traveling on U.S. 212 near the scene of the incident and arrived to find several vehicles stopped. She claimed to have approached Raber and then covered the victim with a blanket and spoken with other witnesses.
The witness claimed that she was present when Raber’s family members arrived and saw Lloyd Raber approach with a large thermos and give her what appeared to be coffee to drink. The witness stated “they were pumping it down her” and kept encouraging her to drink more.

Lloyd Raber was charged with accessory after the fact on the basis that he is believed to have attempted to hinder, delay or prevent evidence of a felony crime being discovered with the intent of deceiving or altering the outcome of any alcohol testing performed.