Commissioner race: Devish stresses forward thinking

By Grace Moore

Moorcroft Leader

Fred Devish of Moorcroft has announced his candidacy for Crook County Commissioner.

Devish has served the community for the last 40 years as a voluntary fire fighter and fire chief. He also served on the Moorcroft Town Council for 12 years and says he understands the demands of a commissioner’s position.

“I’m retired and I want to do this. I’m committed to do the best that I can for everybody in the county,” he says.

“I think I have things to bring to the table that could help the citizens of the county.”

Devish has visited several meetings of the county commissioners in recent months to ascertain the current concerns of the county and believes that he can bring an unbiased and comprehensive view to the table that takes in the whole county and each of its municipalities.

“I want to treat everybody fairly and equally. A county commissioner should be a county commissioner, every place needs to be considered fairly,” he stresses.

Devish hopes to be part of a more active commission if elected.

“The county needs to be more proactive rather than reactive, we need to move forward rather than stand still,” he says.

“[I’d like to see] a five – ten – 15 year plan going into the future with all of the departments in the county –  the courthouse; the fairgrounds, county roads…You’ve got to have a plan to move forward.”

County residents have a few common expectations from the commissioners, Devish lists:  “decent roads, maintenance, a good fire department and EMS, law enforcement up to par.” These are all items he would concentrate on as commissioner, he says.

Having been born and raised on a farm in Fremont County, Devish says he is familiar with the agricultural needs of Crook County as well. Of particular interest to Devish is the need to encourage recreational pursuits with the fair board, specifically the county fair and rodeo, and to bring different types of entertainment to the county so that people have places to choose from when it’s time to go play.

“I’m willing to go the extra mile to solve the problems [of the county],” he continues. “I would really like to be a county commissioner.”

Devish enlists everyone to participate in their right and duty to vote regardless of whom they choose.

“I care who you vote for and I hope you vote for me, but get out and vote!” he says.