Climbing routes reopened

Superintendent Reed Robinson reopens 45 climbing routes on the North side of Devils Tower. Park staff have recently determined that nesting Prairie Falcons have moved on to other locations and are no longer nesting on the Tower.
The climbing routes were temporarily closed after Prairie Falcons were observed nesting. Prairie Falcons are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act under U.S. Code 703-712 and Pursuant to Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations, 1.5(f) and 2.2(a2), and in accordance with the Devils Tower Climbing Management Plan. The temporary closure was put in place not only to protect the Falcons but also to protect climbers from the aggressive birds defending their nests. The Falcons often dive and attack climbers causing injuries. The presence of climbers near or above falcon nests is distressing to parent birds; too much disturbance from climbing activities can cause Falcons to abandon their eggs or chicks.
Climbing access information is available at the climbing office or the park visitor center.