City projects continue on track

(Jeff Moberg photo) A DRM crew works on the new water main in front of the Sundance Kid statue on Tuesday. Work on the line is expected to be wrapping up over the next few days.


By Sarah Pridgeon

The long list of projects on the City of Sundance’s schedule this season are all continuing on track, says Public Works Director Mac Erickson. In fact, construction has already begun to wind down.

The new Cole Water Transmission Line is reaching the point where little remains but the finishing touches, he explains.

“They got both main bores in and tied together at 4th Street and Northwest Street. They’ll be installing a hydrant by the Sundance Kid and another hydrant up by Joni J’s and laying the rest of the pipe up Northwest Street,” Erickson says of the work remaining over the next week.

He anticipates that the contractors will have the rest of the pipe laid by the end of this week, though there will be elements of clean-up required afterward, such as patching and paving. Two more tie-ins are also needed by 3rd Street and the road leading to Mt. Moriah Cemetery, which will be installed in the coming days.

“People can expect a phone call if they’re going to be out of water for these tie-ins,” Erickson assures.

The PRV pressure valve project is virtually complete, although two more valves located in buildings will be replaced over the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the rubble from the old high school will disappear very soon, Erickson says, allowing the process of backfilling to begin. The aim is to bring the plot back up to grade and then seed it with grass, which the school district may or may not be able to help fund.

“We’re working on an agreement right now, but one way or another we’ll get it seeded is my plan,” he says.

At the landfill, the process of capping and closing the pit is about to begin. The contractors are moving equipment in now, Erickson says.

“I anticipate dirt being pushed around there before too long,” he nods.

Finally, the company from whom the city bought a slide for the municipal pool is expected back within the next couple of weeks to install it. Erickson hopes that the slide will be in place and ready for next summer by the end of November.