City awards bids for Cole tank, 21st Street

By Sarah Pridgeon


Two city project contracts were awarded at last week’s meeting of the council. This begins the construction phase to expand utilities on 21st Street at the industrial park end and relocate the Cole Water Storage Tank.

Three bids were received for the water tank project, the lowest at $584,054.54 from Mainline Contracting Inc. City engineers Trihydro recommended accepting the bid as the company’s references had already been checked.

Karla Greaser, on behalf of Trihydro, did note one small irregularity in all three bids received. Each one exceeded the 15 percent maximum allocated for mobilization.

The council passed a motion to accept the bid, which allows a contingency in the budget of just under 10 percent. The Wyoming Water Development Commission expects a 15 percent contingency, said Greaser, so the city may need to provide extra if necessary.

Trihydro continues to explore value engineering options to save some costs, she said.

The 21st Street project went to bid on the same schedule and received 10 bids, Greaser told the council. The lowest was from Timberline Services Inc. at $77,830 with the next highest, from LJS Concrete and Excavation, at $77,907.

Greaser noted that the same irregularity noticed in all three bids for the water tank project was present in the low bid. Council Member Sheryl Klocker moved to accept the bid from LJS due to the irregularity and to not having issues with other contracts with Timberline Services settled at this time.

For the sake of a $70 difference, she said, it would be of benefit of the city to work with another contractor.

The motion failed after a split vote in which Council Members Ken Denzin and Brad Marchant voted against it and Mayor Paul Brooks broke the tie. A new motion was entertained to accept the lowest bid.

With Klocker and Council Member April Gill voting against it, the mayor’s deciding vote allowed the motion to pass and Timberline Services was awarded the contract.