CCNRD – Sept. 5

Crook County Natural Resource District

Board Meeting Agenda for September 5, 2017

CALL REGULAR MEETING TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order at 12:12 p.m. by Chairman, Wayne Garman at 117 S. 21st Street Sundance USDA Service Center Sundance, WY 82729.

ATTENDANCE – Board: Wayne Garman, Ted Parsons, Lily Altaffer, Jennifer Hinkhouse (call in), Wanda Burget. Employees: Sarah Anderson, Raesha Sell and Carmen McIntyre (Video).

Guests: Keela Deaton, NRCS District Conservationist, presented the Conservation Plans for 2017. Fifteen Conservation plans were signed in approval.

MINUTES – The Board read the minutes from the August 5, 2017 meeting. Ms. Burget made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Ms. Altaffer seconded the motion. Motion carried.

FINANCIALS – Mr. Parsons made a motion to review and approve the financial voucher & the corresponding expenses from August, 2017. Ms. Burget seconded the motion. The Board signed each check that corresponded with the voucher.

The CCNRD Board of Supervisors were presented with an additional voucher that encompassed expenses from August 31st, 2017-September 19, 2017. Mr. Parsons made a motion to pre-approve the projected hours worked along with the corresponding personnel checks and payroll taxes that will be allocated to the 2012 Wildland Urban Interface Grant. Motion seconded. Motion carried.

Board of Supervisors opened a sealed bank statement to reconcile the bank account.


Water Quality Update: by Carmen: Carmen informed the Board that the RFP flew for the 2018 319 grant applications. The due date is October 16, 2017. Carmen gave a water quality data report and helped to explain the potential trends that can be witnessed on a graph from 2015 to present. Ms. Hinkhouse suggested that the Boards meet to review the sampling season and review the data. Ms. Hinkhouse will send out a Doodle Pole to determine a date to review the data between October and December.

Best Management Practice Contracts: The Board reviewed the eleven ranked projects one at a time. Wanda, Ted and Lily all made motions to approve and second the top ten projects individually. Mr. Chairman, Wayne Garman and Ms. Burget signed the 319 contracts and the 1155 forms in approval of the top ten applicants. It was recommended that the eleventh ranked project design be re-evaluated to determine if the design could be modified to meet our remaining budget.

Forestry Update: by Sarah: Sarah Anderson gave an update on the forestry program. She stated that four projects were completed under the WUI program which consisted of hazardous fuel reduction projects. She said 14 landowners are contracted to utilize the Mountain Pine Beetle funding towards thinning and cut and chunk projects. Ms. Anderson stated that the CAFA contract has been signed. The Black Buttes area is the designated are for project funds to be spent. Ms. Anderson also stated that the RFP flew for the 2018 Mountain Pine Beetle funding and the grant application will be due at the end of September.

WACD Awards: Mr. Garman informed the Board of the two WACD winners for Outstanding Technician and Outstanding Teacher of the year award that came out of Crook County. He also said and that Bobbie Frank would notify the winners to encourage their attendance at the annual Convention in November.

State Technical Advisory Committee: Raesha informed the Board that she emailed the minutes from the STAC meeting. Ms. Hinkhouse re-iterated that a Board Supervisor needs to represent the Area’s at the STAC meeting in the future as opposed to District personnel.

Area I Meeting, September 12, 2017.

Wayne Garman, Lily Altaffer and Ted Parsons plan on attending the Area I meeting.

New Issues to Address.

RER: On August 21st it was announced that RER will be starting back up again. Carmen called the Forest Service and asked if we would still be a cooperating agency.


Commissioners Meeting Ms. Altaffer, Garman – September 6, 2017.

Area I Meeting September 12, 2017 in Weston County 8 a.m. tentatively meet at 7 a.m.

Soil Health Field Day September 20, 2017 at Dennis Farms from 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

Next Meeting: October 3, 2017 Jennifer can’t make it.

Gabe Brown: Sheridan, WY November 10, 2017 at 12:30 p.m.

Convention November 27-30 (Reserved seven rooms): The Board determined that they will pay Jennifer’s registration for Convention.

Leave: None

ADJOURN – A motion was made to adjourn the regular meeting. Motion carried. No further business was discussed. The regular meeting was adjourned at 2:21 p.m. by Chairman, Wayne Garman.

Submitted by Raesha Sell