CCNRD – May 1

Crook County Natural Resource District (CCNRD)

Board Meeting Minutes from May 1, 2018


Call Regular Meeting to Order

The Board Meeting was called to order at 12:13 pm by Chairman, Wayne Garman.


Board: Wayne Garman, Ted Parsons, Lily Altaffer, Wanda Burget, Jennifer Hinkhouse

Employees: Sarah Anderson, Raesha Sell, & Carmen McIntyre (Call In)

Guests: Jason Nehl, Acting NRCS District Conservationist provided an update. Sarah Redding, Acting FSA County Executive Director (CED) also provided an update. Mike Idler was hired as the new District Director; therefor, Sarah is temporarily filling his position until it is available. Sarah highlighted FSA’s current programs: Spring Crop Reporting is ongoing until July 15th. Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP)is a program offered to address livestock losses due to eligible, adverse weather event out of the ordinary. A normal mortality is a deductible (set by state: calves=4.3 % adults = 2.7%). Examples of adverse events include: Lightning, blizzards etc.

Open Issues to Address

Water Quality Update: Raesha updated the Board on the total project applications that were submitted. Carmen provided the Board with a summary of the monitoring plan for 2018. Raesha presented the WQ Monitoring Access Forms for the Chairman’s signature. Mr. Parsons stated that it would be best to set up stream gauges at Donkey Creek and on Belle Fourche River. 8 sampling dates have been set thus far. Carmen shared that we submitted the WDA Interim Report & Quarterly Reimbursement Request. There is another WDA application due the end of May.


Local Natural Resource Concerns: Carmen & Sarah

RER delayed their request. Strata submitted their amendment.

Sarah provided an update from the ONEOK meeting regarding the Elk Creek Pipeline. Elk Creek Pipeline runs next to the existing Bakken pipeline. She shared the plan that was drafted by the County designed for commercial pipelines.


Forestry Update: by Sarah

Hazardous Fuels Reduction Projects are still being evaluated. The moisture has limited our ability to flag private property. There is a graduate student analyzing the fuel loads before and after a thinning project is completed. The data will be entered a model to evaluate fuel loads. The 2017-2018 Bark Beetle funding is primarily allocated. We still have 6.5 projects remaining. Five of the remaining projects asked for an extension. We have $76,000 remaining to fund projects.

Soil Health: Raesha provided an update on the soil health contracts.

E-Cycling:  Raesha gave an update on the E-cycling event.



Lily Altaffer made a motion to approve the minutes as presented from the March meeting. Mrs. Burget made seconded the motion. Motion approved.



  1. The Board reviewed the financial voucher as presented and approved the voucher as presented and signed the corresponding checks.
  2. The Board reconciled the savings account. Ms. Burget made a motion to reconcile the account. Motion was seconded by Lily. Motion carried.
  • The Board discussed the proposed budget. The Board recommended that we budget around $3,000 extra for a replacement vehicle. The Board also gave a directive to place the Wyoming Department of Agriculture grants and the Wyoming State Forestry cash grants into the reserve account. Motion carried.
  1. Procurement: Jennifer Hinkhouse provided us an update on the Rule Making Process for Districts. She said that if a District is establishing a procurement rule then you have to have a hearing if three or more people comment on the rule. The rule must be filed with the County Clerk & Wyoming Department of Agriculture. A procurement rule is more transparent however, if you are in violation of your own rule then you can be penalized unlike a policy. The Board determined that they would like to first agree on establishing a policy and eventually look at creating a rule.

New Issues to Address

The conference call regarding the NRCS & District Contribution Agreement was discussed. Raesha will complete the survey.


May 2nd Commissioners Meeting

May 10th Gillette Madison Working Group 9:00-12:00 Teleconference

May 12th Soil Health Workshop

May 14th-15th Joint Corporations Committee Lander

May 16th ONEOK Meeting 10:00 am Conference Room

*ERM will be present to give us an update and seek our concerns.

May 16th PAC Meeting 1:00 pm Conference Room

May Non-Point Task Force Meeting Thermopolis

May 22nd WNRF Board of Trustees Meeting

June 5th Public Hearing with County Commissioners

June 13th Open House 5:00-7:00 pm Court House Basement


Other Business:

Health Fair- Good Turnout

Submit News Article in the paper about E-Cycling. PAC Meeting was scheduled for May



Raesha: Friday-Doc. Appointment


B.    Adjourn

No other business was needed to be discussed. Mr. Chairman adjourned the Board meeting at 3:30 pm.