Cattle hauler overturns near Devils Tower

(Photo courtesy Gary Davis) Emergency crews had to open a portion of the semi trailer roof to free cattle from inside the overturned rig.



By Sarah Pridgeon

A livestock transport from Nebraska found itself in a sticky situation last week when it failed to handle a difficult curve near Devils Tower and was flipped onto its side on the highway. The accident took place on Friday, August 25 at 4:12 p.m. and resulted in the deaths of a small number of cattle, though the majority were safely rescued from the truck.

“The vehicle was traveling southbound on Wyoming Hwy 24. The vehicle failed to negotiate a curve and rolled over one quarter times, landing on its right side,” says Lieutenant Tim Boumeester.

The vehicle came to an uncontrolled stop on the westbound side of the roadway. Along with Highway Patrol, Hulett Fire Department and EMS and the Crook County Sheriff’s Office responded to the accident, assisted by locals and the Crook County brand inspector.

Much of the response involved rescuing the cattle themselves from the rolled truck.

“There were a very low number of them killed, I think four out of more than 60 head of cattle on the truck,” estimates Hulett Fire Chief Jason Perry.

“Some of them made it out on their own and we did have to get some of them out.”

It took roughly an hour and a half to rescue the cattle from the truck and around four hours in total to right the transport and remove it from the highway.