Beulah artist displays at state art exhibition

CulvertBy Sarah Pridgeon

Local artist Robert Vore is honored to have been selected for the 2017 Wyoming Governor’s Art Exhibition in Cheyenne, an annual event that brings together art from around the state for the pleasure of the public. This is the second time he has been featured in the show, he says, but the excitement is no less profound.

“I responded to a call for entries that was posted on the internet back in September. You could submit up to three images,” Vore explains. “I submitted three images and they selected one. I think there are 60 artists represented from around the state.”

The piece on display is named ‘Culvert’ and is part of a set of landscapes that Vore has been working on for several years. He calls it the County Road series.

“It’s a little bit abstract from some of my other stuff,” he nods. “I have six or eight of them that I’ve painted over the last couple of years.”

Culvert, like the rest of the series, was inspired by a book of photographs documenting the places that Custer travelled. Fascinated by some of those scenes, Vore used them as stepping-off points for some of the paintings in the series.

Culvert was selected to appear in the show by a curator from outside the state, Vore continues. A new curator chosen each year to be an independent eye to select the very best from the artwork submitted.

The Beulah artist is interested to see how Culvert compares to the work of his peers in the show.

“Most people in the state do very representational work, but mine doesn’t depict a certain scene or space. It’s more a collaboration or composition based on a lot of different ideas and images,” he smiles. “Usually, what happens is that I end up with objects that I recognize, like Crow Peak or the bluff here, because it’s in my eye all the time. I let it just flow through me and I get these ‘happy surprises’.”

A reception for the exhibition will be held on February 9. Vore hopes, weather permitting, to be in attendance.

“It’s very exciting to meet other artists because people work in so many different ways and I’m inspired by good art,” he says. There’s a certain common thread that you recognize, whether it’s opera or heavy metal or art. It’s fun to be able to be able to talk to some of the people whose work you admire.”

Culvert will be displayed as part of the exhibition at the Wyoming State Museum in Cheyenne until March 4.