ALICE training

(Sarah Pridgeon photo) Deputy Robinson addresses SHS students during Wednesday’s training.


Deputy Ed Robinson led two classes on ALICE training at the high school on Tuesday and Wednesday. The new program has been designed to increase a person’s odds of survival in the event of being threatened by an active shooter.
The program name stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. Each element is of equal importance and can be used, depending on the situation, to help a citizen protect themselves and survive.
Robinson engaged the students with training that showed them how to do exactly that, covering tactics including distracting the perpetrator in any way possible – such as by shouting, throwing things and spraying fire extinguishers – and “swarming” in groups to tackle the shooter’s limbs and bring them to the ground.
According to Sheriff Jeff Hodge, the Sheriff’s Department intends to perform ALICE training in all of Crook County’s schools.