Aladdin post office to continue service

Historic post office will stay open and expand its retail offerings

By Sarah Pridgeon

The Aladdin post office no longer faces closure on May 28, according to a press release from the United States Postal Service. A feature of the community for over a century, the post office had been slated for closure because it no longer brought in revenue, said Judy Brengle, owner of the general store.

“The Postal Service is pleased to announce that they have come to terms with the contract holder for the Aladdin Community Post Office,” said the press release.

Not only will the store remain open, it will resume the retail services that ceased several years ago. The removal of these, said Brengle, ultimately led to the decision to close it.

“Current service will continue and, within a few months, we will offer
expanded retail services, including the sale of stamps, package shipping and other products and services,” said the press release.

Notice of the closure caused concern within the community that not only would it mean losing a historic feature of the little town, but would require Aladdin residents to travel to Hulett to pick up packages. Revenue aside, Brengle said, the post office is important to both the Aladdin community and county residents north of Hulett, both of which rely on it for their mail.

“This post office has been here for over 100 years and we serve 139 boxes,” said Brengle.

Had the post office closed, boxes would have been placed outside the general store, said Brengle, but customers would have needed to collect all certified and insured mail from Hulett.

Aladdin residents contacted Senators Enzi and Barrasso and Representative Lummis to voice their concerns. Enzi had been scheduled to visit Aladdin at the end of the month to address these concerns, according to Brengle, and is expected to still attend.

“We wish to extend our apologies to the community for the uncertainty over the last few months as we have been in contract negotiations,” said the press release.

“We are pleased that we have come to an agreement and will continue service to the Aladdin community.”